Nerd Stuff

A Bit Of Info On Our Tech Side.

Reach Agency have a nerdy streak a mile wide, it's in our DNA and we love all things techie and geeky.

Our current projects include a Virtual Reality game for use with the Oculus Rift, powered by Unity. We are creating the game from the ground up and loving every second!

We are also pretty tasty with the following:

Content Management Software - Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal

Ecommerce Solutions - Magento, Virtuemart, OS Commerce and more

PHP, ASP, .Net, MySQL, MSSQL, and we do a good YMCA as well on a Friday nights.

We're up to speed with all the usual suspects regarding Adobe products, Steinberg - You know the ones.

Basically, we know our stuff. We've got over 80 years experience between us here at Reach and although that makes us feel old it also makes us experts at what we do.

Reach Agency

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